My Favorite Cleanser

So, I realized that I had left my facial cleanser at Malaysia (at my cousin’s place) when I recently went over to attend an event. Yes, my cleanser is very important to me to the extent that I pretty much carry them with me wherever I go; places such as school or even to work. We all know that a good skin care routine is the key to having flawless skin as well as it keeps us away from pimples. I get them ugly ass pimples all the time especially in the terrible climate that we live in, we need to show extra care & love for our skin. I try my best to carry my cleanser with me (despite its bulkiness), especially to places mentioned above knowing that I’m going to be there for longs hours or days.

No cleanser = Bad skin. After returning & realizing that I forgot my cleanser I had to get a new one ASAP or else the pimples were going to eat me (sorry if that sound gross). I grabbed the same cleanser from TheFaceShop, which is recommended for acne prone skin (like mine). I first started using this cleanser around last year & I’ve seen improvements after using them so I decided to continue with it again. Besides that, I also got a new product, ‘Clear Away Spot Soin’ that was recommended by the staff. She told me to apply it every night only on the acne spots which apparently helps to clear the spots on my face. Being the ‘sheeple’ that I am, I bought it to try & see if it actually works (it better work !). Ouh I also got one Simpson mask (only because it looked cute) even though I don’t know what was the exact purpose of it besides revitalizing the skin; I don’t remember of any other purpose being mentioned on the packaging.  I spent a total of over 50 bucks on 3 products (which is kinda normal but still; I went there only to get one product not three) & got a free mask lol.

On the side note, it’s only been a few days ever since I’ve been applying the ‘Clear Away Spot Soin’; I’ve noticed no changes YET, so maybe I should continue with it for two weeks or so & I shall update you guys with a “before & after” picture side by side. The only thing that I’m missing now is a toner, I should get one.

So, this has been my favorite cleanser for almost a year, also I am using a facial product (I will have a separate post on it later) which also helps with acne. If you’re keen you may try it out too. But hey, I AM NOT promoting any products NOR am I sponsored to post any of these. As mentioned before, this is my personal blog, where I basically share my personal opinions & reviews with regards to the products being used. If you have sensitive skin or allergies to any ingredients used in the products (do find it out) check with the staff for products that are suitable for your skin type or please consult your dermatologist or skin specialist before trying out yeah? 



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