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❤ Me & My Blog 

Hi folks, my name is Shanthoshini; normally called as Shan in short. I am born and raised in Singapore, 21 years old and a student pursuing my Diploma in Tourism and Resort Management. If you’re wondering why my blog is named as ‘ShanPisces’ is because I’m a zodiac freak and to state the obvious, I’m a Piscean and I’m not a creative person at all to be coming up with unique usernames. I’ve been wanting to do blogs for quite some time but just never really worked on it.

A few things about me is that first, I’m actually an introvert and I’m a lot shyer than what I seem to be on social media (of course, my friends would deny that). I LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat & therefore I’m fat, I am short (5 ft. tall), I can be as lazy as a Sloth, I like reading meaningful, motivating quotes. Whenever I’m down I read these quotes & get myself in track. I love coffee, there’s not a day passed by of me not having a cup or 2 or 3(just kidding) of coffee. And yes, I love makeup. I mean… show me a girl who hates makeup. Actually, there ARE lot of girls who dislike or do not apply makeup. (I know, I was just over exaggerating it, cause I had to show the love I have for beauty products.) 

Well to be honest, having an interest on makeup, for me, was NOT too long ago. To be a little bit accurate, just last year (2016); I had these interests coming out of nowhere. I started watching makeup tutorials, followed MUA (makeup artists) and even bought a lot of beauty products and started practicing them on myself, whenever I had the time to. (Trust me, I don’t even practice my school work like how I practice in applying my makeup.) 

Anyways folks, this is going to be my personal blog that is obviously NOT only going to be evolving around makeup of course, but also some of my personal experiences, stories etc... or i may even do a travel log ! (only if I travel…) so stay tuned for more blog updates via my Instagram account 

***This is my personal blog (informal), I share and post things solely based on what I’ve experience, what I feel, my personal opinions and reviews towards a certain product, person or a thing. I do not write to rant nor write to hurt anybody’s feelings. Should you feel uneasy or offended by my posts please email me at or DM me via my Instagram account I WILL change or take down my posts if necessary. Feedback & suggestions are most welcome, please write me if you like or dislike my post and tell me where I can improve. I believe there is always rooms for improvement.*** 😉


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