My Favorite Cleanser

So, I realized that I had left my facial cleanser at Malaysia (at my cousin’s place) when I recently went over to attend an event. Yes, my cleanser is very important to me to the extent that I pretty much carry them with me wherever I go; places such as school or even to work. We all know that a good skin care routine is the key to having flawless skin as well as it keeps us away from pimples. I get them ugly ass pimples all the time especially in the terrible climate that we live in, we need to show extra care & love for our skin. I try my best to carry my cleanser with me (despite its bulkiness), especially to places mentioned above knowing that I’m going to be there for longs hours or days.

No cleanser = Bad skin. After returning & realizing that I forgot my cleanser I had to get a new one ASAP or else the pimples were going to eat me (sorry if that sound gross). I grabbed the same cleanser from TheFaceShop, which is recommended for acne prone skin (like mine). I first start…

Me and My Blog

❤ Me & My Blog ❤

Hi folks, my name is Shanthoshini; normally called as Shan in short. I am born and raised in Singapore, 21 years old and a student pursuing my Diploma in Tourism and Resort Management. If you’re wondering why my blog is named as ‘ShanPisces’ is because I’m a zodiac freak and to state the obvious, I’m a Piscean and I’m not a creative person at all to be coming up with unique usernames. I’ve been wanting to do blogs for quite some time but just never really worked on it.

A few things about me is that first, I’m actually an introvert and I’m a lot shyer than what I seem to be on social media (of course, my friends would deny that). I LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat & therefore I’m fat, I am short (5 ft. tall), I can be as lazy as a Sloth, I like reading meaningful, motivating quotes. Whenever I’m down I read these quotes & get myself in track. I love coffee, there’s not a day passed by of me not having a cup or 2 or 3(just kidding) of coffee. And yes, I love makeup. I m…